How much will it cost to get my item framed?

Unfortunately, without seeing the item it is impossible to provide an accurate price. Occasionally, it is possible to provide a very rough estimate based on your measurements but it is still necessary to see the item before we carry out any work and provide you with a final price. This can be done online if you wish although we always prefer our customers to book a visit to our studio.

What is your turnaround time?

We endeavour to frame items within 2-5 working days depending upon stock levels and time of year. It may even be possible to complete very simple framing the same day (but this is dependant upon the materials you wish to use). Our framing services are entirely bespoke to suit you so we usually allow 1 – 2 weeks, especially if it is necessary to order materials required or it is a busy time of year.

Why has my picture crinkled?

Crinkling is called Cockling and is usually due to environmental factors. When the atmosphere becomes slightly damper, the paper will expand and, as it absorbs the moisture, it hits the side of the frame, has nowhere to go and this when it cockles. Thin or poor quality paper can also be a factor. This is a problem to do with the item to be framed not the framing itself.

We offer Dry Mounting as a solution (a process where the artwork is fixed onto a piece of board) However, since it is irreversible it should not be used for any valuable items or unique one-off items that cannot be replaced.

How do I prevent my picture from fading?

The best solution is to keep it in a dark place (like a drawer), but in the real world you want your pictures, photos and other memorabilia so you can see it and enjoy it. The cause of colour fading is UV light and it cannot be reversed. Choosing conservation glass as part of your framing will reduce this irreversible damage by cutting out most of the UV light.

My picture has brown spots on it can you do anything about them?

Sometimes a picture will have what appear to be brown stain marks on it. These are age-related spots and browning seen on paper and it is called foxing. Whilst foxed artwork/documents can be repaired, with greater or lesser success despending on a range of factors, this is a process that needs to be done by a professional restorer.

Can I come and see you?

Yes. You are more then welcome to come and look at our range of frames and mounts. This is the best option as we can look at the item/s to be framed, discuss your requirements and provide recommendations and an accurate quotation.

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Why do you put a larger border on the bottom of the mount?

Due to gravity, when your framed item is hung, it will sit in the bottom of the frame. This creates the illusion that the bottom of the mount is smaller then the sides and top. By adding 5mm or more to the bottom, this is balanced out.