Our range of framing options:

Museum Level

This ultimate level uses the very finest materials and methods to preserve and protect your items for future generations. Recommended for high-value (whether monetary or sentimental) items and items of potential historical value. It visually enhances and offers the greatest level of protection when kept in ‘normal conditions’ (35+ years).

Conservation Level

This high level uses conservation materials and methods. Recommended for items of sentimental or commercial value. It offers a high level of visual enhancement and a high level of protection when kept in ‘normal conditions’ (25+ years).


This uses good quality materials and offers visual enhancement and moderate protection. Recommended for replaceable items of limited commercial or sentimental value. Up to 5 years protection when kept in ‘normal conditions’.

Basic Level

This level of framing uses basic materials and methods. Recommended for replaceable items of no commercial or sentimental value. If you just wish to frame an item to display it, this level of framing offers some level of visual enhancement but no long-term protection.


Plastic glass

When safety or weight are overriding considerations we offer plastic glazing. Plastic glass is also available in a variety thicknesses and finishes.

Standard Clear and Diffused.

Styrene Plastic Glass is lightweight and shatter-resistant.  Ideal where safety is a consideration, but does require careful handling and is available as either clear or diffused.


This clear acrylic is very difficult to scratch and able to withstand greater impact than glass. It is also available with UV filters thus providing protection from UV damage.

Anti Reflective Museum Quality.

Tru Vue Optium(R)

Anti-Reflective coated acrylic with 99% UV filtering. Recommended for when maximum clarity and protection are of  importance. 

Conservation Grade UV Protection

Conservation grade glass helps to protect your artwork, photographs, textiles and keepsakes by filtering out harmful UV light rays that are present in outdoor and indoor light. UV light rays can contribute to fading and deterioration of your treasured piece.

Conservation Clear®glass effectively blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to help protect against fading without anti-glare enhancement. 

Conservation Reflection Control®glass has a very fine acid etching on one side that scatters light to minimise unwanted glare. Like conservation clear it effectively blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to help protect against fading but with the advantage of anti-glare enhancement.

Museum Glass®anti-reflection (AR) picture framing glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection is the best glazing option available for art, photographs and other important keepsakes. Museum glass provides maximum clarity and maximum protection.