Bespoke Framing & Glazing

Each and every frame is designed and crafted to best display and protect personal keepsakes, photos, art and memorabilia so you can enjoy them or gift them to others to enjoy for years to come.

Each framing project is designed entirely for you

We have established a reputation for high-quality standards that focus on conservation framing and are traditionally used to protect and preserve rare and high-value items. We use many of these techniques with all our framing, taking into account your budget and but also the item you wish to frame and where you wish to display it. We look at what the item is made of and how it could be affected by natural or indoor lighting and advise on the glazing that will best maintain it in its current condition. You can trust us to take the utmost care of all your personal keepsakes, and offer the very best bespoke framing for you to dsiplay them for your enjoyment for years to come.

We offer a full range of glazing options to fully protect your precious personal keepsakes.

Standard Glass

From plain glass to diffused (non-reflective) and anti-glare. Indoor lighting plus sunlight, as well as the depth of frame, can impact visibility so we always discuss where your framed piece will be positioned before making recommendations.

Plastic Glass

When safety or weight is an issue we offer plastic glazing which is available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. A wide range of options are offered including scratch-resistant and anti-glare and are also available with up to 99% UV filtering too, which will greatly enhance the protection of what you wish to frame.

Conservation Grade Glass

This helps to protect your personal keepsakes by filtering out harmful UV light rays that are present in outdoor and indoor light. UV light can contribute to fading and deterioration of your treasured piece. We offer options that block up to 99% of UV light rays with or without anti-glare and also our highest quality glazing choice, Museum Glass which provides maximum clarity and protection.

We also offer bespoke framing for a range of commercial customers too


Protect & safely display items of interest, relevance and value to enhance the décor of your venue & the enjoyment of your customers.

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Interior Design

Protect & display your client’s valuable memories or artworks with frames designed to suit the item and where it will be displayed within your interior schemes.

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Wedding Photography

Beautifully display those precious moments you capture on camera of your client weddings so you can enhance your service for the bride and groom.

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Some of our recent framing projects